4 Facts Business Owners Should Know About Finding Accounting Help

As a business owner, do you have professional help for your accounting efforts? That help can come from consultants, online tools, or even permanent employees. Accounting and bookkeeping can both be crucial for the success of any small business. Here are a few good reasons why you should consider getting help with your accounting.  A Formation Service Can Save You Time  Let’s say you need to set up an LLC for your small business. You could take the time to search for the appropriate forms and set aside a few hours to fill out and submit those forms. After that, […]

How to Qualify for a Mortgage as a Small Business Owner

Because it’s often difficult to get one for small business owners, many hesitate to apply for a mortgage, even as their home-based business grows and even requires a bigger space. ​But getting a home loan as an entrepreneur is a challenge, as it’s not only about the credit or assets, it shouldn’t be impossible. Here are some steps you can take. Plan in Advance, Thoroughly  The process of getting a home loan for a self-employed borrower is the same as a W-2 employee. Still, the challenge lies in the proof of income you’ll have to present to the lender. Almost […]

Fleet Management Tips for Small Business Growth

Since the pandemic began impacting small businesses across the country, more and more companies have embraced incorporating fleets in their operations. The increased demand for at-home services and online delivery has not slowed down, which means that many small businesses are still looking to add or expand their fleets today.  If you find your company in this position, it’s essential to understand how to successfully use a fleet in your business model and navigate the challenges ahead. Check out the practical pointers below to get you started! Incorporate Your Business     First of all, if you are launching a new company, […]